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Personal Space is an Art-Science collaboration by artist Emer O Boyle and astronomers Lorraine Hanlon, Martin Topinka and Rob Simpson and was developed as part of the GLORIA project - the worlds first free and open access network of robotic telescopes.

With Personal Space you can see what part of the night sky was directly overhead at any significant moment in your life. You can see where your personal space or significant life moment has overlapped with other's in the night sky. Your space may even have overlapped with some of the political and historical events that we've added to the gallery.

As the earth rotates and follows it's orbit around our sun, our view of the stars continually changes.

GLORIA is a project funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2012) under grant agreement number 283783.

The site stores the information you provide in order to provide matches to other people's events and for no other purpose. Your event name may be displayed on this site when matches are found.


Welcome to Personal Space.

Think of a significant event in your life and enter the details of its date, time and location in the form on the right.

We'll use this to locate your Personal Space - the region of the sky that was directly overhead at that exact moment.

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