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Personal Space

Explore the magical night sky up close. You may not be able to touch
the stars, but you can see them up close.

With Personal Space You Can See What Part Of The Night Sky

See whatever part of the night sky you desire. Find out the various charming secrets that the night sky entails, first hand.

Explore The Universe From The Comfort Of Your Home

All the skies are in your access. Get a closer look at the skies and experience the enriching magic. Know when your stars cross and make every moment special.

What We Do

Open Access Network Of Robotic Telescopes

You can see where your personal space or significant life moment has overlapped with other’s in the night sky. Your space may even have overlapped with some of the political and historical events that we’ve added to the gallery.

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The GLORIA Project launches

“Personal Space”

This is the closest you will ever get to the night sky. Come join us and get stunned by the aura of the stars and recognize the various constellations.

Global Network Of Robotic Telescopes


Art Science Collaboration


Know About Significant Moment

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Great Scientists In Astronomy

Great Scientists In Astronomy

Over the millennia, humans have been attracted by the mysteries of the sky, striving to make sense of them. We take it for granted that the Earth revolves around the sun and that other planets, like ours, have moons. These truths may appear obvious now, but they have...

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